With over 50 years of experience in agriculture, VII FARM has become a trusted and highly respected global brand. We are committed to listening to the opinions of farmers to develop the exclusive formula VII FARM. With a presence in many countries around the world, we have transferred the exclusive formula to MINH KHOA, a partner in Vietnam, creating favorable conditions for the development of Vietnamese agriculture.

Exclusive Formula VII FARM

The exclusive formula VII FARM is a successful combination of science and practical experience. Our experts have applied production technologies and procedures according to international standards (Global G.A.P.) to ensure high quality and maximum performance in agricultural activities. In particular, VII FARM is committed not to use antibiotics and banned substances to protect human health, domestic animals and the environment.

Transfer of exclusive formula to Minh Khoa in Vietnam

Given the growth and potential of Vietnamese agriculture, VII FARM has selected Minh Khoa Joint Stock Company as its official partner for the transfer of the exclusive formula. Minh Khoa is a reputable company that has a lot of experience in the field of agriculture and will receive full ownership of the formula. This makes it easier for Minh Khoa to take responsibility for distributing VII FARM ‘s products throughout the country.

  Transfer of exclusive formula to Minh Khoa in Vietnam

Cooperation brings benefits to farmers

VII FARM and Minh Khoa cooperate to bring great benefits to Vietnamese farmers. First, the exclusive formula VII FARM helps improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural production. With support from VII FARM, farmers can increase their productivity and the value of their products. At the same time, this collaboration opens up new business opportunities for farmers, allowing them to access larger markets and earn a stable income.

Technology and product quality VII FARM

In the production of VII FARM, technologies and production processes are applied according to international standards (Global G.A.P.) to ensure the high quality of the product. VII FARM uses clean and high quality ingredients and does not use antibiotics. This ensures that VII FARM ‘s products are a balanced, safe and reliable source of nutrition for plants and animals

High appreciation from partners and consumers

VII FARM has been highly appreciated by many leading partners. Our exclusive formula and the quality of our products are appreciated by international experts and consumers for their safety and quality.

VII FARM’s Vision and Commitment

With a long-term vision, VII FARM is committed to continuing to accompany Vietnamese farmers. We aim to contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture and produce high quality and safe products for consumers. VII FARM is always striving to improve economic efficiency and ensure safety and sustainability for the environment.


VII FARM was present in Vietnam with the aim of providing exclusive agricultural technologies and solutions and promoting the development of Vietnamese agriculture. The products of VII FARM not only ensure quality and safety, but also provide farmers with high efficiency and economic benefits. The cooperation between VII FARM and Minh Khoa has created new opportunities and opened a bright future for Vietnamese agriculture.