VII The farm was founded in 1972 and is based on the business model of a livestock farm combined with an animal breeding laboratory in the United States. Taking advantage of the available assets in both ways: as a large-scale livestock and aquaculture operation and, at the same time, as a pet food research and development center, VII Farm quickly became the leading pet food brand in the world.

VII FARM is the leading brand in animal nutrition in the world

Aware of the hardships and difficulties faced by farmers around the world, VII Farm has actively collaborated with associations and companies involved in aquaculture and livestock farming in all regions. VII Farm is a leading brand in the field of animal nutrition, which has helped farmers in many countries to successfully apply modern breeding models, from breeding to the development of breeding techniques and selection suitable for each species.

VII FARM is the leading brand in animal nutrition in the world

VII Farm’s mission and vision

VII Farm aims to provide safe and nutritious animal feed for farmers around the world. Since then, it has contributed to the establishment and development of a global sustainable livestock system.

VII Farm – the leading brand in animal nutrition for livestock worldwide

VII Farm’s mission is to help farmers around the world improve the efficiency of their livestock and achieve optimal economic returns by caring for them with one of the best nutritional formulas in the world. VII Farm is a leading brand in animal nutrition and has the resources and collaboration with leading experts. We also partner as local distributors to gather the fastest information in the market while continuously researching and providing nutritional products that meet the needs of farmers in the countries.

VII Farm’s core business values

We provide long-term livestock benefits to farmers around the world

VII Farm places great emphasis on providing long-term value and benefits to all farmers around the world. In today’s world, where cultural and geographical differences between countries are narrowing, we put the interests of our customers first and consider this one of our core values that the brand always pursues in its business activities.

We are constantly improving product quality to better meet the needs of farmers

Farmers always want to get the best nutritional products for their animals. Therefore, we are constantly improving the quality of our products to better meet the needs of our customers.

We work as independent partners

We are an independent entity and a partner specializing in providing nutritional products to livestock farmers around the world. We aim to play a role in the global food supply chain. We support farmers to participate in climate change activities that are in the public domain, helping them to maintain the profitability of livestock production and promote sustainable agriculture in the region and in many countries.

What are the animal nutrition products that VII Farm is providing?

Animal feed additives for cattle

Feed additives for pigs

Pork is currently a popular food worldwide with a total consumption of more than 100 million tonnes/year. At VII FARM, we research and select animal feed products for 3 main types of pigs: Piglets, Sows and Fattening Pigs.

By combining nutrition and 5 methods of pig breeding, VII Farm develops nutritional products that help piglets, sows and growing pigs grow quickly and meet farmers’ expectations.

Feed for cattle, goats and other livestock

VII FARM recognises that animal nutrition is a major determinant of the quality of the meat and milk that the livestock industry provides. Global beef consumption in 2023 is estimated to be about 60 million tonnes/year. VII FARM provides people with nutritional products that help pigs and other livestock meet growth expectations to achieve excellent economic productivity and high profitability for farmers.

Feed for poultry

In addition to researching and supplementing nutritional products for livestock, VII FARM is also actively launching special nutritional products for poultry. VII FARM nutritional products for poultry focus on white chickens, broilers, layers, ducks and quail. The aim is to provide farmers with economical and technical solutions for all types of poultry breeds in different habitats.

Feed for aquaculture

Shrimp, freshwater, saltwater and brackish water fish are the main source of income for many farmers around the world. Among them, the share of global shrimp consumption in 2023 is about 5 million tonnes/year, and pangasius accounts for about 500,000 tonnes/year (with Vietnamese pangasius exports accounting for 95% of total consumption). demand-source from VASEP). VII FARM focuses on researching and introducing feeds to increase the productivity of aquatic species, which help farmers save costs and ensure high economic efficiency for farmers.

Food for pets

Pets such as dogs and cats are close family pets. Pets bring joy and bond with family members. Care and nutrition of pets is a need of many households. VII FARM offers nutritional products for pets, helps them grow healthy, strengthens their resistance and prevents dangerous diseases that can occur in pets.

Main partners of VII FARM

VII Farm is a leading brand in animal nutrition and currently a strategic partner of members and international organizations in animal agriculture.

ILRI – International Livestock Research Institute: ILRI is a global research organization working for future food security. ILRI works with hundreds of global animal research partners, civil society organizations, and global disease control organizations. ILRI has 14 offices in Asia and Africa with 700 staff. Its research programs focus on animal and human health, livestock production and support for national policy and legislation, sustainable livestock models, and research on factors affecting livestock,

EAAP – The European Federation of Animal Sciences: EAAP is a non-profit association founded with the aim of sharing the research knowledge of breeders, scientists and administrators in the field of animal breeding. The association was founded in France in 1949 and has so far welcomed many new members from Asian and African countries.

WOAH – World Organization for Animal Health: WOAH works to provide disease information and find solutions to prevent diseases in livestock to help prevent threats to global food security. WOAH currently has 70 partnerships with regional and international organizations in the aquaculture, livestock and poultry sectors.

GFLI- The Global Feed Institute LCA: The Institute specializes in researching nutritional formulas for livestock and providing research samples to related organizations and associations worldwide.