The shrimp pond is the factor that most directly affects the health and development of farmed shrimp. To clean the pond environment, most shrimp farmers opt for the method of replacing and filtering all the water in the pond. This method is quite tedious, but sometimes may not correct the source of the problem. Many growers can buy yeast in wastewater treatment agents by themselves, but note that you should buy it from reputable brands to ensure the best quality shrimp.

Signs that conditions are not good in shrimp farming

It is very important to recognize signs of poor pond water early. Early detection helps growers to find solutions quickly and protect shrimp health in time. Here are the signs that shrimp breeders need to pay special attention to:

  • The water is cloudy or gray
  • Bad odor: water is not good, it often has an unpleasant odor. This odor can be caused by waste, uneaten food and disease-causing microorganisms.

Signs that the water in the shrimp pond is not good

  • The shrimp shows signs of swimming, reluctance to eat, or anorexia.
  • The shrimp shows signs of slow growth
  • Occurrence of diseases
  • The salt concentration in the pond is not correct

Based on these signs, shrimp farmers can tell when the water is impaired and remedial measures need to be taken to protect the shrimp’s health. One of the effective solutions suggested to growers is to use yeast wastewater treatment of VII FARM.

Outstanding advantages of VII FARM . environmental treatment enamel

The main ingredients of VII FARM’s yeast for aquatic environment treatment are Bacillus. The bacillus and yeast in the product can absorb toxic gasses such as H2S, NO2 and NH3 and decompose food residues in the pond to provide shrimp with the cleanest and most favorable environment for growth and development.

The products provide microorganisms to promote the development of microflora, improve the decomposition of waste in the pond and minimize the problem of excess nutrients that cause excessive algae growth in a short time and create the opportunity for the growth of toxic algae (red algae). This process is fast and helps farmers save a lot of time and money.

Product manual

  • One uses 500g for ponds with an area of 1000-1200m3.
  • The best time to use yeast for water treatment

The best time to use yeast to treat water waste is 7 days before and after putting shrimp in the pond.

  • 7 days before putting shrimp in the pond is the ideal time to destroy harmful gasses remaining in the pond. Use it according to the instructions.
  • 7 days after putting the shrimp in the pond, the shrimp have just adapted to the new environment. The yeast water treatment destroys toxic gasses that continue to remain in the pond and provides a clean environment for the shrimp to grow in.
  • People often use it about every 7 days to get the best water.

The most suitable time to use yeast to treat water waste 

People should treat water waste at the two most appropriate times, between 8 and 10 am or between 6 and 8 pm. Morning from 8-10 am is the time when the amount of oxygen in the pond is active, which promotes the decomposition and destruction of harmful gasses. In the evening, algae are least active, so treatment with yeast at this time also increases the effectiveness of algae control in the pond.